USS Bon Homme Richard




Service Written And Performed By Jed Levine
BHR's Last PAO

We are blessed with a "LIVING MEMORIAL, LHD 6".
As our ranks thin with age and mortality... until there are none, we rely on our LHD 6 shipmates to be the keepers of the flame.
As we pray for our departed to rest in peace and we look forward to when all of ship's company will stand muster together again.
We also pray for their spirit and courage to be about the decks of LHD 6 and with the men and women who will face their own World War Two's, Korea's and Viet-Nam's well beyond our lifetime...

USS Bon Homme Richard Crewmembers Association
Memorial Ceremony

Las Vegas Reunion 2000

Written And Read By

Pastor Steve King
Former PH-3 OP Division 1969-70

It was Twenty Nine years ago when our ship made her final journey to Bremerton, Washington.

I can remember as we passed through the Puget Sound looking at the mountains, the beautiful trees, still safe and enjoying the comfort of our ship.

I also remember in the late afternoon finally being guided by the harbor pilot into the drydock.

It was very overcast and cold, and the lights were now being turned on as the sun was setting.

The surroundings were very unfamiliar and uninviting.

We stood on the flight deck wondering what to do, and asking where should we go.

We had received orders to immediately vacate the ship.

No one was to spend the night on board.

Someone came and advised us to go to this very unattractive green floating barracks just across the dock.

We immediately rejected that idea.


We sat up in the photo lab and played cards until late that night, then we turned the lights off.

We practically froze to death. No heaters, just some blankets.

It was over.....

It was time to move.....

The next morning some friends came up the brow into the photo lab and told us, "We have a new place to live and you won't believe it."

We excitedly jumped in a car and drove around the sound to a beautiful little house that overlooked the bay.....

The scenery was spectacular.

The surroundings were incredible, peaceful.....

This was home.

I wonder if we can compare this to our own lives and our shipmates who have passed on.

For these men, who's names I will read, who sailed with us and fought the battle along side us, it's over as far as we can see.

I wonder if we look at death like we saw those green barracks unattractive, unfamiliar.

But God promises much more than that for those who have placed their trust in Him.....

Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also....

Although our shipmates were taken from us far sooner than we wanted, their memory and their lives live on in our hearts.

I will now read their names as we honor their memory, and their service to our country.

BHR 1945 Flag New BHR

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Abbott, EugeneE-A Div1944-45LafayetteCO
Achey, Alvin4th Div.1950-53LiberalMO
Acker, AlexanderCommissary1944-46
Acker, Edward O.(AB2) V-11952-53
Adams, Bill & GraceAir Intell1964
Adams, Clarence"Joe"(MMC)E-A Div1944-46
Adams, Don E.VF-741952
Ahlers, PaulPH1OP Division1967-1968Silver SpringMD
Ainsworth, Lloyd(AOM1)V-4-O1944-46Sun CityAZ
Agvent, FrankSM3K2 Division1944-46Stratford CT
Aker, EdwardV-1 Division1952-1953
Alba, Al(DKC)S-4 Div.1957-61
Alderton, DicksonCAPTVA-192, VF-19355, '59-60
Allen, GleasonLt. JG.CIC Div.1944-46WilmingtonNC
Ambercrombie, Chas.V-1 Div.1956-66OzarkAR
Ambercrombie, Jerry1968-71
Amer, RichardRD2OI Division1962-1965
Anderson, Alan S.FN
Anderson, EarlRD2OI Division1956-59LakesideCA
Arrighi, NormCDRSupply Officer1958-60
Arthur, Jerry N.S-2 Div.1958-62MechanicsburgOH
Arthur, TomS-2 Div.1961-65Atlantic BeachFL
Atchison, Karal1944
Atkins, JasonE-B Div.1944-46Vero BeachFL
Avery, ArthurVA-9231951-52GilletteWY
Avrett, RoyE-B Div.1964-67
Badgley,WalterG-5 Div.1961-63
Bailey,RayPO3BT (N) 911944OwingsvilleKY
Baird, John C.V-41944-45WhitefishMT
Baker,Wayne T.ADR1VA 54 1957-58San JoseCA
Baldwin,DonaldV1 Div1950-52Orange ParkFL
Ballentine, JamesVA-9231951
Baranowski, FrankE-E Div.1966-68ChelseaMA
Barfield, Marion FCDRNavigator1951-53TuckerGA
Barnes, EarlAE-2V-6 Div.1955-56EnterpriseAL
Barnett, James "Diz"O I Div.1951-52LawtonOK
Barnett, OscarV-1 Div.1944-46
Barnett, William1944-45
Barr, BruceRM31958-59GrautsMN
Bass, David1963-65City of the ColonyTX
Batt, David1944
Bauman, HughCAPTVC-331952
Bautista. Leoncio A.TNS-5 DivisionJuly 10, 1968
Bayne, Phillip J.Captain1964
Bean, GlenVT(N)911945
Beaumont, BobVF(N)911945Mercer IslandWA
Beebe, MarshallCAPT1960-61
Behringer, WilliamCDRVF-1411957
Bell, PrestonLCDR1944-45
Bender, IvanAv. Ord.1951-53LodiCA
Benson, Bradley J.1955-60SheltonWA
Bently, Otho Jr.AK1VA-22 Division1969
Berthelot, AlBT3EB Division1964-66GonzalesLA
Bertolatus, Charles(PFC)Marine1944-45Pt. Pleasant Bch.NJ
Best, Lewis(AMS2)SQ-1921958-59SullivanOH
Bettenhausen, Ralph4th Div.1944-45Sunrise BeachMO
Biesold, Frank R. SRSN1st Div.1955-57SeattleWA
Biletchi, GeorgeE-B Div.1944-46GreensboroNC
Blackburn, LynnOF1966-68SalemOR
Blake, Harry(CDR)1968-69PenscolaFL
Blake, Joe1944-46New Port RichyFL
Blanchard, Charles1957-60ShawneeOK
Bland, JoeW- Div1961-63Nat'l CityCA
Bletso, Robert(MM1) E-M Div.1944-46No. JacksonOH
Bliss, Donald S.1944AlbquerqueNM
Blomberg, Carl EllisSC21944-1946
Blum, ArthurART2VT (N) 911945TerryvilleCT
Bodeman, Don(LCDR)VT(N) 911945DenverCO
Bommer, Galen(SN)K-2 Div.1944-46
Bose, BertVA-751952
Boshell, TomMR3EA Div.1966-70WyandotteMI
Bowin, Charles F.P.O.1S Div.1951-53MiltonFL
Bottomley, Harold S.CAPTC.O.1960
Boudreau, Walter J.CWO41944-1946
Boyle, Tom(LT)C&R Div's.1945
Boyne, Phillip J.CaptainDental1964Loma LindaCA
Bradley, EmmittRD3OI Division1961-1967
Bradley, Hugh1952-53
Bransdorfer, ArnoldN Division1944-45Saint LouisMI
Brendlinger, LarryS-1 Div1955-57unknown
Brewster, George1945
Brophy, EdVT(N)911945
Brown, Edward D.LTJGVF-191July 29, 1965CharlotteNC
Brown, DonaldCOMCARDIV 31958
Brown, GaylordCAPT.CAG-71952PenscolaFL
Brown, Kenneth ABH3V-1 Div.1960-63Lake CharlesLA
Brown, StanfordAGEMV-2 Div1944-45Sun LakesAZ
Broyles,WarrenV-3-FR Div.1944-45
Bruton, John1959-60WilmoreKS
Budensiek, Clayton(AN) V-1 Div1951-53Pine IslandMN
Buehler, Dean(LI-2) X-Div1950-53Yorba LindaCA
Burch, Cecil1944-47ConcordMA
Burmiester,Edward V.(SK2) S- Div1944-46Staten IslandNY
Burnett, JoeOS Div.1955-59
Burns, Robert"Bob"E-B Div.1944-45
Bus, Dan N Div.1951-52
Butler, Richard J.RM3 CR Div.AuroraCO
Bzdyra, Alexander(WT2) E-B Div.1944-46New Haven CT
Cabble, James3rd Div.1944
Caddy, WilliamE-M Div.1944-46
Cadle, GlenX-Div.1950-53
Callahan, Roy A.Medic1944-46DenverCO.
Cameron, Kenneth RCDRVA-761967Viet Nam
Campbell, J.B. 1951DunlapTN
Canaan, GeraldCAPTVA 9231951WilliamsburgVA
Cannon, Dwight1951-52
Carmichael, Robert J.1951ColchesterVT
Carnes, JamesLCDRWM Div1967-69Cave SpringsGA
Carter, Bob5th Div.1956-57
Carter, EarlVF-721952
Casey, CliffordR-2 Div.1944-45
Cavey Sr., Harrison1944-46WestminsterMD
Chapman, BillYN1X-Div.1958-61
Charvet. Paul R.CDRVA-215March 21, 1967GrandviewWA
Chatfield, RichardCAPT
Cherry, Charles A.AB2V-71951CarlsbadNM
Chesmore, Kenneth1958-59
Chester, Loren1951-52
Chimbole, FrankARM2VT(N)911944-46NorwalkCT
Christenson, Marshall(ETR2)O-E Div1966-69PeoriaAZ
Cimino, Angelo R.1967-1970
Clark, CarlVF-721952
Clark, MikeCAPTExec. Officer1963-64CardovaTN
Clausen, Robert1951-53FarmingtonNM
Cloonan, William J. 1950-51Canyon Lk.CA
Coleman, Irving4th Div.1944-46
Collins, Dick1963-65
Collier, Leylan G.1951-53
Colvin, DonaldE-E Div.1956-59
Conius, CharlesAO3VF-741952Drexel HillsPA
Conroy, ThomasCDROPS Officer1950-53CarmelCA
Cook, James MonroeMMC1944-1946
Cook. Orville M.LTVA-923
Coolen, JohnAMM11944-45
Coomer, NormanAir Div.1944-46ChalfontPA
Copeland, DanielS-2 Div.1944-46
Corases, FrankVT(N)911945
Cordell, LexieSK2S1 Div1944-46Clay CityIN
Corr, EugeneH-Div.1952
Cravens, Jerry3rd Div.1945
Crocker, Clayton1946
Crosby, Frederick P.LCDRVFP-63June 1, 1965
Crouse, LarryPH2OP Div1967-70MuncieIN
Crowder, JesseCWO S-Div1958-60RenoNV
Crum, Fred N. V2-Div1944-46St. FrancisKS
Cullen, Douglas M.FC-2F Div.1944-46OlympiaWA
Cullen, TomFlight Deck1968AltoonaIA
Cummings, EdVC-331952
Cummings, GeorgeV-3-FR Div.1945
Cunius, CharlesAD3VF-741950-53Drexel HillPA
Cunningham, Laurence1944
Curp, RobertO-I Div.1962-67
Cutler, Joseph A. Korea New York CityNY
Czapla, JohnAMMCV-2 Div.1944-46King of PrussiaPA.
Daluisio, Thomas J.1944
Daniels, Marion1950-52
Davidson, EdwardEM3E-E Div.1969-71
Davis, BillE-R Div.1969-71San DiegoCA
Davis, David L.V-6 Div.1951-53unknown
Dawson, FrankH-Div.1951-53
Dawson, John1951-53
Decker, Edwin H.1944-46
Delphenich, RobertET2OR Div.1951Chula VistaCA
Dermyer, Vincent F.AB3VAH-41957-59ToledoOH
Derthick, JohnVF(N)521945AlpenaMI
Despain, OrinV-3-FR Div. 1944-45
DeWachter, GeorgeS1K2 Division1944-1946
DeWitt, RichardE-E Div.1952-53Mira LomaCA
Dickson, HerbertLTjgVT(N)911945GlendonPA.
Dillingham,Ethan W.unknown
Dodge, Robert E.unknown
Dolan, John R.Comm.1951-52
Dollar, William1950-53
Dooley, JakeVF-731952
Door, BillVT(N) 911945BeloitWI
Doss, FredunknownWicksAZ
Doss, PhillipAETM1VT(N)911944-46VernonCT
Doyle, JamesCommissary1950-53
Dufel, FredV-3-FR Div.1944-45
Dunmire, Arthur1945
Dunbar, Dale H.PHCOP Division1966-67La MesaCA
Dunn, Jack F.1951-53
Dyer, Joseph J.ER Div.1951-52
Earington, Atlee R.1944-46unknown
Eastburn, Sam G.K Div.1944-45MobileAL
Eaton, HowardV-1-D Div.1944-46West Palm BeachFL.
Eaton, RonVF-741952
Ecken, HarryE-A Div1944-46
Edele, BudVA-9231951
Edgbert, Charles Wayne
Edwards, JamesE-E Div.1944-46DanvilleIL.
Edwardsen, FritzE-E Div.1944-46
Eggers, Bill1944-47
Eisert, WilliamV-3-FR Div.1944-45DenverCO.
Elchuck, Matt(DC2)E-R Div.1950-53
Ellis, William B.R-1 Div.1944-46
Ellsworth, ArnotV-1 Div.1951
Endorf, RaySupply Officer1950-53
Endres, Roger V-4-O Div.1944-46
England, Donald(FCS3)1951-52
Enke, George(AEMJ3)V-3-A Div.1944-45
Eskridge, Jeremy J.VF-1961959-61TupeloMS
Eubanks, Andy1951
Evans, Albert L.EE Div.1944-46BaltimoreMD
Evans, DanK-3 Div.1944-45N. TonawandaNY
Evans, H.K.VA-751952
Evans. Robert(ABE3)V-2 Div.1964-67Las VegasNV
Faltisco, Joseph1944-45
Fair, PaulVA-9231951St. LouisMO
Farmer, Alvin1950-53Council BluffsIA
Farmer, Edward B.W W 11MattesonIL.
Fast, Billunknown
Ferguson, Roger4th Div.1944-46
Ferrell, Cary D.H- Div.1955-57PleasantonCA
Ferris, Mel1944-45
Fields, MelvinUnknownFond Au LacWI
Filby, JamesE-R Div.1944-46GnadenhottenOH
Ford, WilliamAG3OA Div.1951-52EthelsvilleAL
Forde, JerryIC3E-E Div.1958-61Kimballton,IA
Foss, Gerald1968-71Columbia Hts.MN
Foster, JohnVA-8741951NokomisFL
Fowler, SamuelS- Div.1944-46
Fox, JayE-B Div.1961-53
Fox, Robert1952
Fraizer, BuckSNG-3 Div1960-64San DiegoCA
Freese, BillCDR XO VT(N)911945
Freichels,R.L.(Bob)C R Div.1958-60
Fuller, Jay(AMM3) V-2 Div.1943-45JenkintownPA
Fullerton, Frank E.CAPTVA-93July 26, 1968JonesboroGA
Galante, Leonard1968-71BethlehamPA.
Galloway, Bill1944-46SpokaneWA
Garner, CharlesV-3 Div.1944-45ElmiraNY
Gary, BobK-1 Div.1944-46MemphisTN
Garrison, C. D.1945
Geiszl, CarlCDRAsst. Air Officer1955-58
Giaccaglini, PhilVA-9231951MemphisTN
Giannone, Vincenzo1950-52SpringfieldIL
Giesel, CarlAsst. Air Officer
Gill, Cecil B.CAPTC.O1951-52
Gilmore, Charles "Gil"E-E Div.1951-53
Gladiuex,JerryV-6 Div1954-55Center LineMI
Glospie, GeorgeEB Division
Glugla,James P.V-4-O Div.1944-45
Goesch, Theodore W.WW 11W.AthensNY
Golab, Adam(AMM3) VT(N)911945AmsterdamNY
Goodhart, DonVT(N)911945SarasotaFL
Goodloe, WilliamCAG 71945
Goodrich, Robert1944-46
Goralski, Normand R.V-1-A Div.1944-45HolidayFL
Gordon, BillyS-1 Div.1960-63OttoawaKS
Graham, R.I.VA-751952
Grams, JerryMarine& CarDiv 71955-57
Granite, Bryant(AO2)VF-7831951Costa MesaCA
Grant, Edward L.AD3VF-211 Division1955-59
Gratz, Jack JR.F-Div.1944-46Sinking SpringPA
Grattaroti,KenE-E Div.1956-58RidgecrestCA
Graves, Richard C. ENS.VA-215May 25,1967SunderlandMA
Greco, James RD3OI Div1955-57BeniciaCA
Green, Gerald LTJGVF-191Sept.12,1965FT. MorganCO
Greer, David ABV-4 Div.1960-62Crystal CityMO
Grey, Robert(SN)E-b & G3 Div's1960-64DecaturGA
Gribben, RichardVF-7831951
Gribble, Frankunknown
Griffen, BillE-E Div.1944-46
Griffin, JohnOE Div. ( Officer)1959-61Grants PassOR
Grissom, JosephVF-7831951
Grissom, WendellAir Dept (YN)1944-46TaylorsvilleMS
Grohwin, RomanMarine& CarDiv 71952
Groll, RichardRM2OR Div.1955-56Los AngelesCA
Gruenewald, RoyceVA 9231951MorrowGA
Gulick, Harry5th Div.1951-52BrookingsORE
Gundert, Leonard(LT)VF-8741951
Gunn, Max(ACOM) V-5 Div.( Gunner)1951
Gustafson, Ken(AG1)OA Div.1950-52Granada HillsCA
Guthrie, Charles(PFC) Marines1944-46BirminghamAL
Guy, D.L.V-1 Div.1944-45
Habig, CharlesN-Div1944-45
Hack, HerbertFlt. Deck Chief1976
Haines, HarryVAP-611961MonmouthME
Hall, A.T.E-M Div.1944-45
Hall, Bertrum J.Force 771951-1952
Hall, Charles1957-59
Hall, RobertPRTRM3K-3 Div1944-46TucsonAZ
Halliday,JamesGunnery Officer1955
Hamblem, Bob "Sparkplug"1951-53
Hammers, JackV-1-O Div.1944-46
Hammond, HarveyBand1944-45
Hammons, Howard G.LTHC-1July 10, 1968
Hampton, Raymond(RD3)O-I Div.1951-53BettendorfIA
Hand, RonaldE-M Div.1956-59
Hansen, R.E.VF-741952
Hardage, OwenCaptainX-Admin Div.1970-71N.CharlestonSC
Hardman, H(Herb)LTJGEE Div.1967-1970
Harnish, WilliamVA-751952
Harper, JamesV-1-O Div.1944-46
Harrell, Richard(BM3)3rd Div.1955-57PonchatouaLA
Harrison, Kenneth(MM3)E-M Div.1950-52YumaAZ
Hartley, JackVA-9231951
Hartman, John W.V-1-O Div.1944-45West HempsteadNY
Hartmann, Roy E.VA-9231943-45PacificMO
Harwood, CharlesE-E Div.1950-53
Haston, Bob(SF2)E-R Div.1955-59MooresvilleNC
Hayes, Richard B.(AO2) V-5 Div.1955-57San JoseCA
Hays, James(BT2)E-B Div.1950-52Powder SpringsGA
Hays, Lynn1951
Headly, RichardVF-531968SarasotaFL
Hegstad,SonnyCPOE-A Divunknown
Heikkila, ErnieV-1 Div.1962-66MuskegonMI
Heinish, KennethK-2 Div.1944-6VirdenIL
Hejka, Wayne A.RM3CR Div.SalemIL
Held, ArthurV-3-FR Div.1944-45
Heller, David(SK3)S 1 Div.1955-56MiloIA
Hemphill, DennisOA Div.1958-59Hot SpringsAK
Henderson, DonVT(N)911945
Henry, John T.1944-45
Herrick, RalphVF(N)911945
Herrle, CarlMM1E-M Div1944-46CrescentPA
Hess, RalphVT(N)911945
Hicks, Olan E.S-2 Div.1944-46HuntsvilleAL
Hiett, Henry2nd Div.1944-45SturtevantWI
Hill, John S.VF-711952
Hires, GordonOR Div.1952-53JesupGA
Hite, JohnV-3-L Div.1944-45
Hobbs, Milton EugeneE-B Div.1966
Hobson, Lloyd "Don"(GM3)F- Div.1944-46
Hodosi, John1959-62unknown
Hoffman, Louis Cain1960-63
Holliday, RobertVF-721952
Hollingsworth, DaleEE Div.1962-64TacomaWA
Holloway, John C.VF(N)911945
Holton, Carl V.1944
Homann, LarryANV3 Div.1956-60BuckeyeWV
Honcharuk, John P.LT. CdrSpokaneWA
Hood, Bobby R.ER Div.1955-58MeridianID
Hope, William S.EA Div.1955-56LaytonUT
Horst, David W.VF(N)521945
House, Robert1944-45
Howard, Donald W.3rd Div.1944-45
Howard, John C.EM2EE Div.1950-54ClarkvilleTN
Howie, Lloyd G.LTJGVF-53
Hoy, BillVF(N) 911945CarrolltonTX
Hudson, CecilD Division1951-1953
Hugers, Edward K.LTVT(n)-911945ScottsdaleAZ
Hughes, JackABE1V-2 Division1964-1967
Hughes, Gerald L.1944PasadenaMD
Huie, LitchfieldLTHC-1February 27, 1967WarsawNC
Humes, Joe A.CAG 7 1952
Humphrey, DuaneEE Div1957-60Garden CityID
Hunger, GaryE-B Div.1955-59
Hunter, Wm. "Bill"(YN3)Flag1944-46FranklinNC
Hurnblad, Jack(CDR)VC-111951Santa MariaCA
Hurtt, RobertVT(N)911945
Hustead, W.G.unknown
Hyde, George(YNCS) Capt's Writer1961-64Ft. Walton Bch.FL
Icenogle, Dale3rd-Div.1952-53 GerlawIL
Insko, MyronChaplinX-Div.1965-68 Pine GroveCA
Isenhath, Hollis "Ike"PilotVT(N)911945
Isgett, ElwynS1 Div.1955-56ScrantonSC
Iwanski, James RMM3EM DivisionJune 2, 1968
Jack, Andy1963-65Santa ClaraCA
Jacobs, Arthur T.2nd Div.1966-68
Jacobs, Fred H.VF-7831951
Jacobsen,ArnoldunknownStratford CT
Jacott, JohnCWO-21966
James, JessieX- Div.1950-52
James, RandallSW-6 Div.1962-64
Jameson, Harold (CWO)E-B & E-M Div's1956-60Cedar RapidsIA
Jamieson, BillV-1 Div (Officer)1944-45
Jarosik, MarionMM21944-1946
Jedlund, Harold(LCDR)VT(N)911945WebsterWI
Jensen, Larry1959-61
Jeffries,George G. Jr.VF-741952
Jennings, Robert(AB1) V-2 Div.1950-53Windsor NC
Jennings, William B.LCDR VA-751952Pensacola FL
Johanson, Herbert S.E-91958-59San JacintoCA
Johnson, DuaneV-4 Div.1957-59
Johnson, Johnny1944-46
Johnson, KarlE-5ER-Div.1958-62CathlametWA
Johnson, Raymond W.ER-Div.1944-46Sun CityAZ
Johnston, AlveyVT(N)911945
Jones, HarlonDarienWI
Jones, RobertV-3-FL & 1st Div's1944-46
Jordoin, Robert(MM1)unknown
Joss, HerbertS1K2 Division1944-1946
Kaiser, DeanCDRVF-53
Kale, RayFlight Deck1944-46CharlotteNC
Kamm, Phillip(LCDR)E-A Div1955-57
Karger, Barry E.LTJGVA-93May 14, 1968PratherCA
Karesch, Leon (Stinky)1951-1953PrescottWI
Karnitz, MiltonSNV-4-G1944-45FruitportMI
Kasel, BruceAD3VA2931950-53RoyersfordPA
Kasselman, Leonard(LTjg)VT(N)911945EllinwoodKS
Kaufman, SamS1/CS Div.1944-46Coconut CreekFL
Kearns, James J.LCDRVA-196Sept 141965
Kearns, Bill(S1/c)K-2 Div.1944-46TowsonMD
Kearns, William E.VF-7811951
Keener, DwightYN3Gunnery1944-46WallingfordPA
Kees, JimK-1 Div.1944-46
Keiling, "Rudder"CAPTVF(N)911945
Keith, WilliamVA-751952
Kelly, Eugene J.1945
Kelly, MiltonV-1 Div1951-52MadisonIA
Kerlick, AlK-1 Div.1944-45
Kerr, John1944
Kesgen, EdwardLTJGVA-941968-69SylvaNC
Kesting, Duane(BMSN)Forward Deck1951-53
Keyes, Judson "88"(ENS)VT(N)911945JeffersonNC
Kieffer, Vincent C.unknownOmahaNE
Kilgour, Jim1945
Kilker, James(AMM2)VT(N)911944-46IselinNJ
Kindred, Leonard P. JRFT31957-1960
King, JohnV-6 Div.1967Klamath FallsOR
King, RichardSH3S-3 Div.1944-45OrlandoFL
Kirby, Shelby1951-53unknown
Kirchgessner, NorbertE-R Div.1944-46
Kirk, TomVF(N)911945
Kirklighter, James S.CAPTVietnamKalaheoHI
Kirkman, Tom3rd Div.1951-52
Kizzah, CarlAK-3S-6 Div.1966-67TuscaloosaAL
Klay, Harry D.1952
Knapp, Snapper "Don"VF(N)911945
Koday, Edward(EM3)E-E Div.1944-45ValparasoIN
Kostun, William J.1962-66EndicottNY
Kreig, William F.E-B Div.1950-53
Kriz,Leland C.(QM3)1944-46Sun CityAZ
Kuryllo, MatthewVA-1951959-61
LaCamp, Edward J.1944-45
LaCosta, William J.G- Div.1959-63
Lakin,ArdenMarine & CarDiv 71951-53
Lages, CesarX Div1944-46Little Egg HarborNJ
Lamb, JimMM3EM Div1955MissoulaMT
Lamb, M.R.unknown
Lamendola, FrankR-1 Div. 1944-45
Landry, Burns "Red"(GM3)5th Div.1950-52SulphurLA
Langlois, Kennethunknown
Languell, Chesterunknown
Lansley, VinceAir Dept1944-46
Lavers,Dawes C.(FN)1944-46
Lavigne, LarryV-1-H Div.1944-45
LeBlanc. JosephLTJG1967-1970
Ledford, Horace B.GM3WW Division1950-1954
Leonard, William1945
Letchworth, Edward N.LTJGHC-1February 27, 1967LibbyMT
Levia, Frank(RM2)1969-71
Lewis, Ed(CDR)Supply Officer1944-45
Lewis, RobertOfficerAir Boss1967-69Virginia BchVA
Lindell, Larry A.AMS3VAW11May 6, 1967ArcadiaNE
Lindell, Jackunknown
Lindsey, A.K. 1944-46KernesvilleNC
Lindsey, Franklin(MMC)E-A Div1960-64San DiegoCA
Litsinger,William4th Div.1944-46BrandonFL
Lively, Boyce(ABF3)V-4 Div.1968-71NewberrySC
Loen, Ed(EN1)E-A Div1951Virginia BchVA
Lofty, Edward J.1944-46
Long,Francis J.(LCDR)OA Div.1950-52AtlantaGA
Long, Robert1944-45
Long, WayneABV-1 Div.1957-59HildebranNC
Loudon, Hugh MV-3-FR Div.1944-45
Luc, Frank L.BTCEB Division1967San DiegoCA
Ludwig, KenVF(N) 911945
Luehrs,Richard E.CAG 71952
Lukowski, Mathew M.MM3SV6 Division1944-1946
Lynch, AlfredV-1 & V-3 Div's1951-53
Lynch, William1944-45
MacPhail, BobVF-7811951-52San DiegoCA
Magee,ThomasMar Det1944-1946
Maguire, Ernest(LT)VA-9231951
Majette, Joseph944
Malec, Charles(QMC)N- Div1955-59
Malone, Joshua1944-46
Mang, Louis C.(ARM3)V-3 Div.1944-46KenmoreNY
Mansfield, Jerry D.1950-53unknown
Maples, FrankV-3-FR Div.1945
Marrow, CecilK-1 Div.1944-46
Marslya, Dick1968
Maser, Richard(S1/c)V-1-D Div.1944-46WauchulaFL
Mathes, AlbertH-Div. (Pharmacy)1944-46CincinnattiOH
Mathews, MichaelS1-K2 Division1944-1946
Mathis, Robertunknown
Maxey, Lee Roy(FN) E-M Div.1951-53St. LouisMO.
May, Harry D3rd Div.1944-45WadesboroNC
Mazac, Jerry VF 7831951SealyTX
McCabe, Walter L.(GMG2)5th Div.1969-70YermoCA
McCaffery,JohnAviation Supply1944-46
McCampbell, DavidCAPTC.O. 1959-60BessemerAL
McCary, Jim(ADE3)VF-7831951MontgomeryAL
McClaflin, Neil1963-65Los AngelesCA
McDaniel, BobAM 1V-4 Div.1951-52TulsaOK
McIntyre, RobertAMM2VT (N) 911945DoylestownPA
McKenzie, RobertVF-741952
McGee, RichardQMCMN-Div1970-71CarsonCA
McGonigle, ChesterBT3EB Div.1957-58TucsonAZ
McGriff, Lee "Pete"Night Fighter Pilot1944-45
McLin, RobertR-3 Div1945-46
McMasters, Ronald D.LCDRVA-9231951RiversideCA
McNeil, Burt W.1944-1946
McNeil, DuaneIC31955-56SpokaneWA
Mears, Robert L.K-3 & 4th Div.'s1944-46Rocky Mt.NC
Meek, RonRM2CR Division1965-1968
Melcher, EugeneVA-9231951
Melton, Joe(PFC) Marine 1957-58
Mercure, RayS1-K2 Division1944-1946
Merkle, Charles E.E-E Div.1950-53
Mero, William H.LTJGAir Group Squadrons
Messner, Jim CDRVF-741952AmericusGA
Metzger, Bob1944-45
Miles, Eldon E.Ft. MyersFL
Milholland, Texas A.1943-45
Miller, Charles(IC3)E-E Div.1952-53EasleySC
Miller, Dave ComCarDiv 31959
Miller, Jack L.BT2EB Div1961-65Gas CityIN
Miller, JamesOA Div1951-52AtlantaGA
Miller, Jerry1/CV-1 Div1944-46Rock IslandIL
Mills, Marvin Leounknown
Mills, William J.SK 21944-46Mineral PointWI
Mims, John T.V-1 Div.1943-45
Minnich, Richard1944-46
Mirante, RonV-2 Div.1945-46UticaNY
Mitchell, C.K.CDREE Div.1967-69
Mitchell, James W.(AEM2)5th Div.1944-45WayneMI
Mitchell, Joseph J.1966-70PlattsburghNY
Mitchell, Kenneth L.1951-52
Mixer, HubertK-2 Div.1944-45
Mokry, LeslieCaptainVT (N) 911945LebanonOH
Molamphy, Edwrd R.S1/cV-6 Div1944-46Balsam LakeWI
Moore, Carl R.(BT3)E-B Div.1957-60ShelbyOH
Moore, GlenVF-721952
Moore, John Wayne1958-62
Moore, Tony
Moorer, Thomas H.ADMCNO1967BethesdaMD
Moreine, Clint1944-1946
Morgan, George W.G Div1968-70PoulsboWA
Moritz, FredV-2 & V-6 Div's1944-45
Morris, David L.FA-EA Division1970
Morris, Charles D. 1963-65AZ
Morrison, George "Steve"Rear AdmiralComanding Officer1963CoronadoCA
Mullen, John H.HM1VF-1911960-63Solana BeachCA
Murphy, John S.(LT) H- Div.1955-57BeaufortSC
Murphy, PaulAT2 VC-121952StoningtonCT
Murphy, RussellE-B Div.1951-53DecaturIl
Murphy, Tom(SN)H-Div.1963-64Santa BarbaraCA
Myers, DonaldVA-1441969-70MiddletownNJ
Myers, KeithPilotVF-161945
Nease, Wm. Everett1944
Neill, DougVF(N)911944-45
Nelson, Leonard M.LCDROP Div.1966-67ValricoFL
Nelson, Robert E.Flag1951-52
Nelson, Richard K.AO2VA-751951-52BurlingtonVT
Newby, RichardVF-51unknown
Newland, RickABF3V4 Division1967-70
Newman, StephenE-4V2 Division1965-69UnionNJ
Nichols, Orville Ray1957-59
Nickenig, CharlesLTK-2 Div.1944-46RowaytonCT
Nickolas, George(ADJ2)VFP-631965-67PittsburgPA
Norris, William1944-45
Norris, William(RM1) K-1 Div.1944-45SouthholdNY
Nostitz, Herman1st Div.1944-46
Nutt, Jimmie LeeE-R Div.1955-59
Obremski, Daniel J.1944-46
O'Brien, John G. Jr.S1 Division1944-1946
Ochoxner, DuaneVF-7831951
O'Connell, RobertVC-331952
Ogle, PaulVC-41952
Ogilvie, Robert1944-46
Olander, John Chas.F- Div.1957-59
Olfyar, John1944-46
Oliger, Leland1952ColliervilleTN
O'Leary, CharlesMarine1944-45
Olszanecki, John L.AZ3VA-1951965-1966EllenvilleNY
Osborn, Geoffery H.LTJGVF-194September 24, 1965Winter ParkFL
Osborn, CliffVietnam
O'Sullivan, John J.VA-9231951
Osvatics, Bill(ABM2)V-2 Div.1950-52MahometIL
Oveland, CollinLCDRVF7811951San DiegoCA
Ovre, Les(AO1) V-3 Div.1951-52VacavilleCA
Overton, Chas. DeanC R Div.1958-60
Owen, John(AB3)V-1 Div1950-52ShorelineWA
Page, HowardVF(N)521945
Painter, CalvinVT(N)911945
Pamanian, Macario C.ADJ2VA-1951961-64MilpitasCA
Panazzolo, NelsonAO2VA-751952Staten IslandNY
Parish, Wm. (Bill)GM34th Div.1950-53McRoryAR
Partain, JamesAB21966-1956
Patterson, James V.V-2 Div.1955-58
Patterson, RaymondFNE-E Div.1966-68St. Albans NY
Patton, Millard I.S 1/cF-Div.1944-45
Paul, DonaldMarine1951-53
Payne, H.C. IC21957-60Newbury ParkCA
Payne, Newton Engineering1956AllianceNE
Pelucca, PeteE-E Div.1951
Pequin, Ken1957VestaMN
Perosa, Joe(PNSN)X- Div.1965-66ManhattenIL
Perry, JamesDC3E-R Div.1956-59SC
Peterman, WaltVT(N)911945
Peters, Richard1952-53
Peterson, ArmondV-6 Division1943-1945
Peterson, Arthur D.ADJ3HC-1July 10, 1968
Peterson, R.A.V-1 Div1951-53
Petosa, Thomas1961-64EdmondsWA
Petrites,WilliamCM & SF Div's.1944-46
Petzold, HerbertCWO3ER Div.1964NorthridgeCA
Philbrick, HerbertRD3V3FR1944-45South BerwickME
Phillips, Tommy K.(GM3)5th Div.1950-52KeytesvilleMO
Pierce, Robert1st Div.1958-60
Pierroz, HankGM34th Div.1944-45CoolCA
Pierson, Jim(EM2)E-E Div.1956-59
Pinge, Frank(E-4)S-2 Div. (Barber)1945-46SebastianFL
Pirie, GeorgeV-2 Div.1944-46
Polsen, Earl(PHC)OP Div1951Salt Lake CityUT
Pope, PeterVF-741952-53ChillicotheMO
Poplin, Max K.S-3 Div.1951-53
Porter, RonaldRD3OI Division1961-1964
Prather, BobbyCAG 1021951
Price, Robert1945
Prout, JefferyS-2 Div.1961-62
Pulliam, FranklinSNS-31959-61DemingNM
Puryear, CharlesE-E Div.1951-53LexingtonSC
Rafuse, Calvin E.VF(N) 911945Laurel HollowNY
Ragil, Anthony F.AAV-4 DivisionFebruary 7, 1968
Rakas, MichaelOA Div.1951-53
Raper, Thomas F.ANV-1 Div.1963-66CincinnatiOH
Ravinsky, Edward1944-45
Rawhoof, GeneAir Dept.1944-45ZionIL
Ray, CharlesCAPTExec. Officer1965-66Bay St. LouisMS
Redmond, Donald M.(BM1)1961-68
Reed, Lew1951
Rees, Merritt1944-45OmahaNE
Reese, Bill(GM3)4th Div.1950-53
Reiss X.X.(FC3)F- Div.1944
Ressetar, John J.1952
Reynolds,Jr. JohnS1/c4th Div.1944-46MobileAL
Richardson, Arthur1944-46
Riedenour, Quinton(BT3)E-B Div.1951-53FentonMO
Riley, RichardVT(N)521945
Riner, James(CDR)VF-731952
Rivers, WendellCAPTAINV-1 Division1962-64SewardNE
Rivett, BillMM3EA Division1963-1966
Rizen, 1944-1946
Roberts, Greald RayLCDRVA-196Dec. 2, 1965San MarcosTX
Robson, FredVF-721952ArvadaCO
Rodriquez, Richard(BM3)Sgt-At-Arms1944-46
Roettering, Marvin(DC3)E-R Div.1957-61WashingtonMO
Rogers, Bernard1962-65
Rogers, Bernard1960-63unknown
Rogers, Gene1955-56
Romness, JohnV-4 Div.1950-53
Ross, Russell L.V-4 Div.1958-62IolaKS
Roy, WilliamEE Div.1944-45AmblerPA
Rude, Kenneth C.S 12nd Div.1944-45NewtonNJ
Rudy, JoeFNE-A Div1945SyracuseNY
Ruiz, KennethCaptainC. O.1967-68HendersonNV
Russell, KayLCDRVF-211 1967
Russell, JohnF- Div.1944-46
Russell, Joseph1944-46
Rutledge, HowardCaptainVF-241965San DiegoCA
Ryan, MartinV-4-F Div.1944-45
Ryan, Raymond(CPL)Marine1955-57PrinevilleORE
Rybaski, DanV-1 Div.1950-51
Sage, Leland C.LTJG VA-144June 23, 1969WaukeganIL
Sanders, RobertCDRV-1 Div.1944-45
Sandoval, RudyV-2 Div.1966-69Rio RanchoNM
Sanford, MikeRM3OR Div.1957-59OwassoOK
Sanger, SeymoreShips Band1944-46ArlingtonVA
Sause, Bernard J.ANHC-1February 27, 1967BaltimoreMD
Savage, James (LT)VA-9231951
Scarbrough, BillV-4 Div.1950-53
Schilleroff, JohnVT(N)911945
Schmidt, Phillip1955-57PittstonPA
Schneider, DannyPFCMAR-Det1969-70SaginawMI
Schneider, RobertEnsignVF(N) -911945
Schrader, VernBT2E-B Div.1958-60WilmingtonNC
Schultheis, R.R.VA-9231951
Schultz, Robert F.E-A Div1965-67KenovaWV
Schulze, John1965-67
Schumacher, Ernest A.AKMCS-6 Div.1969-71LodiWI
Scott Jr.,James JSt LouisMO
Scott, Charles1944-45
Scott, HarryV-1-H Div. 1945
Scriven,William H.ABM3V-1-R Div.1944-45
Scroggins, NobleAOM1V-4 Div.1944-46HeathOH
Seabolt, Lawrenceunknown
Seaman, FrankAT2VA-1921961-62
Sell, Robert M.EM3EE Div.1951-52Hobe SoundFL
Selway, GilLTjgVF(N)911945
Sevey, CharlesIC2E-E Div.1957-60ChewelahWA
Sewell, CharlesCAG 71952
Sgro, RalphABE3V2 Division1967-1970
Shaw, FederickLCDROP Division1966-1968Chula VistaCA
Shealy, CliffAOM2VT(N)911945NapaCA
Shepherd, LesAB2V-1 Div.1951-53AnaheimCA
Sheppard, WalterSNS-2 Div1944-46DanburyCT
Shuky, William O.1944-46
Shull, Grady L.V-6 Div.1963-65
Sicola, Tony3rd. ClassS-2 Div.1944-46HustonTX
Siggeman, Franklinunknown
Sigler, Edward1955-57
Signorelli, M.J.VF-711952
Sills, DickVF-711952
Simon, JamesYN3X- Div.1955-57WayneNJ
Simpson, LarryAB3V-1 Div1952-53HomosassaFL
Simpson, Waymonunknown
Skehan, Richard(AG3)Operations1951-52
Skowronek, John1944St. PaulMN
Smalley, Theronunknown
Smiley, GeorgeVF(N)521944
Smith, ArtV-3-L Div1944-46
Smith, CharlesETR3O-E Div1965-66RoyUT
Smith, DonK-1 Div.1944-45PasadenaTX
Smith, DonnieMM3E-A Div.1963-66LakeMI
Smith, DeanLTJGVF-24March 15, 1967SavannahGA
Smith, Eric S.Signalman1968-1970
Smith, HomerCDRVA-2121967Viet Nam
Smith, IrvingS-1 Div.1955-57Palm HarborFL
Smith, Kenneth1960-62
Smith, Roger L.V-1 Div.1963-64
Smith, WilliamOfficerX Division1964-1966
Snipes, J.O.VF-711952
Snyder, Bill1945
Snyder, JaySr.CPOS- Div1961-63San DiegoCA
Sobolweski, Dan J.V-3L Div1944-46BaltimoreMD
Sohweid, HenryPilotVF(N)911945
Sorenson, Loren "Buck"LTW-G Div1968-69StantonCA
Spainhouer, FreddiePTCMOA Div1951-52DallasTX
Sparling, Elwin (Al)VF(N) 911945CranstonRI
Speidel, Bill VA-751952MemphisTN
Spicer, JamesRM/SN CR Division1967-1969
Sprinkle, LowellVF(N) 911944-45Council BluffsIA
St.Onge, Erwin F.V-1-F Div.1951-53GreenfieldWI
Stacy, Wm.BarnettRD3E-R Div.1961-65
Stafford,Daniel H.MM3SV-6 Division1944-46
Stames, W.A. (Bill)CDRVF7811951CoronadaCA
Stamy, DonVT(N)911945
Stankiewicz, DanielMM3E-A Div1955-57MilwaukeeWI
Stelly, PerryE-A Div1955-57AbbeyvilleLA
Stephens, RonaldVA-1921962-66Granada HillsCA
Stevens, Herbert E.AT1VC-351946 & 1951
Stewart, Edwin M. Jr.LCDRHC-1July 10, 1968
Stichler, Dwight4th Div.1950-53
Stiles, JamesSM2K2 Division1944-1946
Stockhill, RobertIC3E-E Div.1955-58FL
Stokes, Jack1950-53PontotocMS
Stone, HenryFlagman1944-1947
Stone, Casper4th Div.1944-46
Strachan, EugeneBM1G-3 Div.1957-61
Straughan, JamesEM3E-E Div.1950-53MetairieLA
Stribe, Dan1959-61LanesvilleIN
Suedkamp, BillADJ2VF-1911963-65St. LouisMO
Suligowski, Leonard VC-111951BrooklynNY
Sullivan, Tom CYN3CR Div.1968-69Las VegasNV
Sundermeier, BillV-4 Div.1957-59
Sutton, M.T.1968-69LemoreCA
Sweeney, MikeX-Div.1962-64FlagstaffAZ
Swords, PhillipVT(N)911945
Talmadge, James T.V-? Div.1955-58
Tanner, Ollie GarlandFN 1944-45
Tate, Sterling L.AT2 VF-1931958-59YorkPA
Tageson, TerryAO 1VA-1951960-61MilwaukeeWI
Taylor, Bob J.K-1 Div1944-45Los AngelesCA
Taylor, Karl W.S2/C3rd Div1945-46ToccoaGA
Taylor, Niel B.LTJGVF-192Sept. 14, 1965TangeleyME
Taylor, Wilson3rd Div.1944-46
Tegeler, Henry W.VA-9231951
Tetsold, HerbCWO1964-65
Thomas O.C.E-R Div.1944-46
Thomas, Howard J.V-3-FR Div.1944-45
Thomas, Richard S.CaptainVA-2121967-68San AntonioTX
Thomason, Ronald D.AAV-1 Div.January 31, 1967
Thompson, Bobby JoeDM31951-1953
Thompson, RalphABANV2 Division1966-1967
Thompson, Ronald D.ABHAAV1 Division
Thompson, Al J.VF-721952
Thompson, Billy5th Div.1950-53
Thrape , Robert5th Div.1950-53
Tinari, Louis J.1944-45San RafaelCA
Tolan, Jim1965-69
Tolin, WilliamABE1V-1 Div1958-59SpanawayWA
Toloudis, NickGM35th Div1950-53VictoriaTX
Tomaszewski, Arthur F.V-1-D Div.1944-46
Toms, DennisAAVA-192 Division1962-1965
TookerMarck L Jr.AT1
Trahan, John (Dale)VA-196 1961
Triggs, George M.1958-61
Tritt, James E.MM2EB DivisionJuly 8, 1967MonacaPA
Trojovsky, ArtENSVT(N)911945HiawathaKS
Truett, LavaugnE-B Div.1951-53
Tucker, Edwin BLCDRVA-24Apr. 24, 1967BaldwinvilleMA
Turley, Joe1945-46HoustonTX
Turner, Frank1945
Turner, JimE-E Div.1961-67VeronaMS
Turner, RonV-2 Div.1965-66
Twigg, Murl E.1944-45
Uhlhorn, LeonE-A Div1965-67
Valentine,Richard A.3rd, F & X Div's.1944-46
Valis, Donald(AMM3) V-1-A Div.1944FlagtownNJ
Vandergriff, RobertO-I & O-C Div's1959-62HixonTN
VanGieson, Wm. P.unknown
VanGundy, Bryson(CDR)VAH-41961SterlingCO
Varner, William1962-65Big SandyTX
Vaughan, SteveVA761967DentonNC
Venning, DaleMarine1944-45
Verhoef, William, JREM2E-E Div.1961-65OtleyIA
Vick, RayX- Div.1962-66
Wadman, William, IIIO-I Div1955-56Lake OswegoOR
Waeltz, GusVA-9231951MortonIL
Wadowiec, Philip1945-46
Waggoner, Arthur D.CD11951-1953
Walker, J.C. "Bugs"5th Div.1950-53
Walker, James B.VF-7831951
Walker, NormV-1-O Div.1944-46Council BluffsIA
Walker, RobertER Div.1950-52ArlingtonIA
Walsh, Freddie1950-54
Wampler, BillVF-7811951San DiegoCA
Warmkessel, BruceE-M Div.1952
Warren, Jack V.1950-51
Watson, RobertV-2 Div.1944-46
Wehn, George1968-69
Weidig, DonaldCDREngineering1963-64Lake CityFL
Weiding, DonaldCDREng. Officer1963-64Lake CityFL
Weimer, ClarenceE-B Div1950-54FredericksburgVA
Weimer, EarlBT3E-B Div1950-53SpotsylvaniaVA
Weldon, John A.SMC1944-1946
Wendt, Norman1944-45
Westbrook, William3rd Div.1944-46
Whalin, BillyMarine1950-53
Wheeler, Paul E.5th Div.1950-53AlbanyTX
White, Alton Lamar(QMC)OS Div.1955-58
White, Chester4th Div.1944-46
White, John unknown
White, Maurice 4th Div.1944-46
White, Paul K.
Whitney, Robert Jas.E-B Div.1959-60
Whiteley, Robert LeeBM1G-2 Div1958-64 BridgeportCT
Whittemore, Frederick H.CDRVA-212April 11, 1968Carson CityNV
Whittet,John D.VC-611944 & 51
Wicks, Luther B.(AMM1) VC-41 Det. 411952-53MontclairNJ
Wickstrom, BillH- Div.1944-46
Wilder, Harold3rd Div.1944-46PontotocMS
Wilkins, BillV-3 Div.1950-53
Willard, WilliamO-I Div.1955-56FairfeildTX
Willadsen, RonGM35th- Div.1951-53TumwaterWA
Willhoite, Everett R.Ships Company
Williams, John C.MM31951-52RedfieldKS
Williams, Marvin E.1951-53
Williams, NormE-A & V-6 Div's1955-59
Williams, Wesley(AMHC)VF-1931958-59BenningtonNE
Williamsen, Darrell G.EE Div.1958-60DecaturAL
Williamson, John J. Sr.1951
Wilson, Robert R.CDRVA-93July 10, 1968
Wilson, Robert1951-53
Wilt, George M.LT(jg)R-3 Div.1944-46PortlandORE
WiltgenDonald G.LTBlack Shoe One1968-1970
Winder, Donald E.1044-45
Winkleman, William1944-45
Winters, JonathanMar-Det.1944-46MontecitoCA
Withers, GeorgeH- Div.1944-46
Woelm, Ed(LT)VA-9231951St. LouisMO
Wold, F.A."Frank"(ICC) E-E Div.1959-64Long BeachCA
Wolden, BillV-4 Div.1959-63
Wolfe, BillH- Div.1956-57
Wolfel, Ken G.VA-751952
Womack, BillE-B Div.1951-53Rock HillSC
Wood, Rex S.LCDRVF-24June 2, 1967MoultonMA
Woods, Carl J.LCDRVF-24Sept 19, 1965
Woods, ThomasVF(N)911945
Worcester, John B.LCDRVA-195Oct. 19, 1965Big RapidsMI
Wortham, Cliff(AOM3)V-4-O Div.1944-45NewmanGA
Wright, CyVF(N)521945
Wright, DickVF-731952
Wright, KenAQB3AIMD IM-31968-70ParadiseCA
Wright, WilburXMAA Div.1962-64IndianapolisIN
Yates, JosephE-R Div.1955-57Eldorado-SantaFeNM
Yenney, Fred2nd Div.1944-45
York, Gerald W.1958-60
Zander, Roy L.(AMM3) 1944-45AdamstownPA
Zeller, NormMarine1957
Zempel, Ronald L.PRANHC-1February 27, 1967Grand RapidsMN
Zewe, Raymond J.1944-46MarshalltownIA
Ziegler, Don R.VF(N)911945DefianceOH
Zimmerman, JohnVF-7811951PahoaHI

Dedicated To Those Lost From LHD-6


Korean War Casualties

3 June 1951
4 July 1951
6 July 1951
11 July 1951
19 July 1951
11 Aug. 1951
11 Aug. 1951
4 Sept. 1951
2 Oct. 1951
3 Oct. 1951
21 Nov. 1951
22 Nov. 1951
Lost At Sea
11 July 1952
11 July 1952
Donald E ADAMS
15 Aug. 1952
5 Dec. 1952

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