1945 To 1947

World War II Photos Provided by Fred Allen

Commissioning Day Dinner

Mrs. John McCain Poster

The First BHR Newsletter

Crossing the International Dateline the First Time

Two of the Plank Owners of the BHR

Two POD for Strike Day Procedures

Early Photos of CV-31

Letters Sent upon Discharge to Crew

World War II Photos

BHR Flight Deck

This Photograph Provided by Joe Eggers.
Photo was taken in the Sea of Japan Shortly after the Japanese Surrendered.

Arresting Gear Crew 1945

These Photographs Provided By J. E.(88) Keyes Who Was A Pilot On The BHR During The Attacks On Japan.
Thanks For Some Great Shots 88

Left To Right; Hurtt, ARM3cl,Ens.J.E.(88)Keyes, Walton, AOM3cl

Aircraft Of VT(N)-91, On Practice Flight, The Day Before The Peace Signing On USS Missouri

TBM-3E's On Mission

CAG(N)-91 Aircraft Airborne

Officers Of VT(N)-91 In Front Of The Island On BHR

Lt. E. Z. Voght And Lt.(jg) Witt Aboard BHR.
Lt. Witt And His Crew Were Later Lost Over Japan.

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Photos Courtesy Of The Tailhook Association

BHR Loading Ammo 9 January 1945

BHR Underway Near Truk

BHR Is Launched 29 April 1944

F6F-5N Of VF(N)-91 Over Shanghi 12 September 1945

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Photos From The VF(N)-91 1945 Cruise Book,
Kindly Provided By Jeff Johnston

BHR As She Appeared While Attached to Task Group Thirty Eight

CAG Howard M. Avery And Staff Aboard BHR 1945

The Enlisted Men Of VF(N)-91,

Note The Flags Painted On The Side Of The Aircraft.
This Aircraft Was Flown By Ens.P. T. Mc Donald
When He Was Given Credit
For Downing Three Japanese Aircraft On One Mission.
He Also Had Two Probables on The Same Flight.

Another Point Of Interest,
In The First Row Of Men Standing,
The Second Man From The Left Is Alvey G. Johnston,
The Father Of Jeff Johnston, Who Sent These Photos.

Photos From The 1969 25th Anniversary Cruise Book,
Sent To The Webmaster By Jack Wierich
I Would Like To Publicly Thank Jack For This Cruise Book

BHR's Sponsor Mrs John S. McCain

Captain Rule Aboard BHR

Captain Rule Turns Over Cammand Of BHR To Captain Fick

Cat Crew Celebrates 2000th Cat Shot Aboard BHR

CAG LSO Bringing Aircraft Aboard BHR

BHR And Missouri Unrepping

Photos Taken By Bernard McManus ,
Sent To The Webmaster By His Son Dennis
I Would Like To Thank Dennis For These Great Photos

VT(N)-91 Squadron Mates, McManus And Winslow

Flak Over Japan As Seen From The Turret Of A TBM

A Shot Of Units Of The 3rd Fleet From A VT(N)-91 TBM

A Photo Of VT(N)-91 Squadron Member Frank Chimbole

VT(N)-91 Aircraft In Victory Flyby

A VF(N)-91 F6F-5N

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