Photos From 1951 Thru 1953

Korean War Era Photos

Thanks To Ken And Cindy Keller For These Photos!

CV-31 Flight Deck Off Korea

BHR At Sea

View of BHR Port Side

View of BHR Fantail

Photos Courtesey of Ted Loughlin Member Of The Recommissioning Crew, 1951

Ted Loughlin When He Was But A Lad

Heading into Alameda 1951

The Ship's Plaque

Recommissioning Ceremony 1-15-1951

Capt. Gill's First Look

Gentlemen, Our Mission for today is...

F-9F Goes In On Launch

Another Job Well Done

BHR Strikes Hard

This Bridge is Down

The Air Group Is Busy This Day

Another Target Off the List

This F-9 Needs a Little Work

AD On it's Nose

Take It Around Corsair

F9F-2 Panther Takes A Wave Off

AD In The Groove

Now Man Unrep Stations Five,Seven and Niner!...

Steaming as Before

USS Missouri Joins The Task Force

More Bombs For The Air Group

Ammo Ship And Cruiser Alongside

Cruiser Moves Out

Hard Work for the Bosun's

Destroyer Comes Alongside

Is He Coming Or Going

Shinto Shrine


Destroyer Delivers The Mail

USO Show On The BHR

CAG-102 Officers Put On A Show

Japanese Imperial Palace And Moat

Sunday Services In The Hanger Bay

Photos Courtesy Of The Tailhook Association

HU-1 Helo Departs BHR For Station

VF-71 F9F-2 Over Diamond Head

BHR Hanger Deck

BHR Bound For Korea, 1951

BHR Approaches Pearl Harbor After 1952 Korean Cruise

BHR Enters Hunters Point NSY, 1953
(Note: When BHR Finally Emerged From Hunters Point In 1955,
She Was A New Ship In Many Respects
Her Former Crewmembers Wouldn't Have Recognized Her.

Photo Of D Div 1951
Sent By Dave Hudson
Who's Dad Is Standing
Center Rear Row

D Div 1951

This Is A Photo Of Bob Couper,
The Man Who Made Such A Success
Of The BHR Reunion In Las Vegas

Bob Couper Aboard BHR, 1952

Photos Courtesey of Charles E. Miller Sr. Member Of The Crew, 1952
Sent By His Son Charles Jr.
Thanks For Some Great Photos!

Charles Miller Poses Aboard BHR, 1952

Charles Miller And Shipmate Pose Aboard BHR, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck Second View, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck Third View, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck Fourth View, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck Fifth View, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck Sixth View, 1952

BHR's Flight Deck Seventh View, 1952

San Francisco Bay From BHR's Flight Deck, 1952

Naval Shipyard Yokosuka, Japan 1952

Ships Of Task Force 77 Off Korea, 1952

BHR's Escorts Unrep Off Korea, 1952

VF-71 F-9F-2 In BHR's Hanger Bay, 1952

BHR Approaches The Golden Gate, 1952

The Golden Gate From BHR, 1952

BHR At Mare Island, 1952

BHR Maines Relaxing, 1952

Crew Meeting In BHR's Hanger Bay, 1952

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