1955-1960 Photopage


1955 To 1960 Photos

Photo provided by Don Deycous

Engineering "E" awarded to the Snipes

Photos Provided by Richard Hayes, A Former BHR Crewmember

Thanks For The Photos, Dick

A VA-215 AD-6 Starts It's Takeoff Roll

A VA-215 AD-6 Passes The Island

A VA-215 AD-6 Heads Down The Bow
(Note: Cloth Helmets On the Deck Crewmen,
And No Hearing Protectors.)

A VA-212 Cutlass About To Launch
(Note: Open Canopy On The Aircraft.)

Cutlass Heads Down The Cat

Cutlass Clears The Bow

A VA-212 Cutlass Bolters

The VA-212 Cutlass Goes Around

A VF-211 FJ-3M Fury Traps On BHR

A VF-213 Banshee Over The Fantail

Banshee Catches An OK Three

Banshee Climbs Away

AJ-2 Savage Of VAH-6 Onboard BHR

Pictures provided by Norm Walker

Four VA-192 FJ-4B's Over Mount Fuji

BHR During The 1960 Cruise

BHR 1958 Cruise Photo

BHR Launches Two F-8U-1 To USS Forrestal, 1960

Photos Of VA-192 And VA-195,

Courtesy Of The Skyhawk Assoc.

VA-192 Photos

A-4C 206 On Final

A-4C 201 About To Launch

A-4C 210 Prepares To Follow A-3B 08 Of VAH-4 Off BHR'S Bow

Looking Aft From The Port Catwalk.
(Note: VF-193 F-3H Demon BearCap Aircraft,
And A-4'S To The Right Farther Aft. Spotted On The Angle
To The Left Next To The Island Is A VF-191 F-8C.

VA-192 Pilots, 1959-60

A-4C Gets Attention From AMD

VA-195 Photos

First Three Photos Are A Barricade Sequence

A-4C 510 Approaches The Fantail

Over The Fantail

510 In The Barricade

Aircraft Of VA-192 And VA-195 Being Spotted For Next Launch

VA-195 A-4C's On The Angle, With VA-192 A-4's

VA-195 Pilots 1959-60

Photos Courtesy Of The AbleDogs Website

Thanks, Jerry, Rufus And Greg

VA-215 Barn Owls
Pose On BHR's Flight Deck
During 1957 Cruise.

LSO Waving Them Aboard

VA-215 Barn Owls
Prepares To Launch During 1957 Cruise.

VA(AW)-35 AD-5N Crosses The Ramp
During 1957 Cruise.

U.S. Navy Photo

VA-56 F-9F-8B's With A VAH-4 A-3B On BHR's Flight Deck

VF-141 F-4D-1 Recovers To BHR

The Following Photos Were Sent To The BHR Site By Mr. Dan Carver,
The Son Of Capt.Carver BHR's Captain When She Was Re-Commissioned In 1955.

BHR Being Re-Commissioned, 1955

Capt. Carver, 1943

Capt. Carver On BHR's Bridge

Capt. Carver, Korea

Capt. Carver, Cutting Cake On BHR

BHR Flight Deck, 1956

Servicing A Cutlass

Bosun's Training


Servicing A Banshee

F-7U Launches

BHR Engine Room

BHR Hunters Point

BHR San Francisco Bay, 1955

BHR Training Up

Capt. Carver, And Enlistees

Capt. Carver, And Guests

Capt. Carver Greets Guests

Capt. Carver, And BHR Commissiong Cake

Dependents Day On BHR

F-7U Awaits Next Launch

BHR's Baseball Team, 1955

BHR's Basketball Team, 1955

BHR Crewmembers Prepare The Ship For Re-Commissioning

BHR About To Pass Under The Golden Gate, 1955

BHR's Stern As It Appeared In 1955

BHR During Un-Rep, 1956

The Following Photos Were Sent To The BHR Site By Bill Zimmer
A Member Of OP Division 1956-57.

BHR Anchored Off Beppu, Japan 1956

BHR's Hanger Bay, 1956

OP Division On BHR's Flight Dk, 1957

OP Division On The Hanger Deck, 1957

BHR's Archery Team, 1957

BHR Refuels USS Southerland, 1957

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