1961 To Present Photo Page

USS Bon Homme Richard
1961 To Present Photo Page

USS Bon Homme Richard Captain Ken Ruiz 1967-1968

Presidential Unit Citation Award for the 1967 Cruise

Navy Unit Citation Award Ceromony for the 1967 Cruise

Commemorating the 100,000 Safe Catapult Launch

Photos taken by one of our Helicopter Pilots July 29, 1967

Photos taken in 1967 and 2011 of Captain Ruiz

Walleye Strike of the Tam Da Bridge April 27, 1967

Kep Airfield Strike May 1967

Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant Strike June 11, 1967

Cag Monger Train June 17, 1967

My XA Petroleum Storage Fields Destroyed July 1, 1967

Tri Dong Highway Bridge Destroyed July 4, 1967

A-4 Hit by a Sam

Mig Killers on the BHR

CDR Richard Thomas VA-212

Thanks for the photos from the cockpit

How the pilots saw a SAM launching from the ground

Al Crebo's A-4

Bridge Distroyed

A-4 Damage

Another Sucessfull Strike

Roberto Munoz

Thanks for the photos of the Shipboard Phone

Shipboard Phone

USS Bon Homme Richard Days

Proclamation from The City of San Diego

Proclamation from The State of Oregon

Proclamation from The Commonwealth of Virginia

Photo provided by Ron Gludt

Typhoon Evaders Card

Photo provided by Don Hall

Crossing The International Date Line

Blue Flat Hat

BHR June 1967 News Letter

Photo's provided by Jerry McCullough

Birthday Chit

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday

Plaque Dedication at the Navy Memorial
Washington DC
September 2007

Sailor Statue

BHR Plaque

Plaque Dedication Collage

A Photo Of The Former Webmaster Bob Evans
Taken In Las Vegas
December 2000

See Bob Evans

Contributed By Capt. George Parker.

Vietnam Era Photos

Provided by John M. Miller of the BHR Photolab 1970-71.
Thanks John for your contribution!
(And We Finally Got Your Name Posted Correctly)

A4 Scooter In The Gear

Can Riding Out Typhoon Near PI

Destroyer Alongside

White Water Splash

Hangar Deck

EA3B Of VAW-13-Whale At The Ramp

Hook Running, It's Not Just A Job, It's An Adventure
This One Is For My Old Shipmates Don Cheairs And John Eberle,
Two Of The Best Hook Runners The BHR Ever Had

VA-22 A-4F Over Honolulu

VF-51 F-8E Traps Aboard BHR

USS Davidson Escorts BHR

BHR'S Stern In Bremerton During Decommissioning
(Does Anyone Out There Know How The Words
"Home Of Fighting 51"
Got On The Stern?)

BHR As She Appeared ON Her Last West-Pac

Bomb Explodes In BHR'S Wake

Bonnie Dick's Last CO Takes Command

Miss America Visits BHR

More Miss America

Even More Miss America

Miss California Performs Aboard BHR

VRC-50 COD Comes Aboard
(If You Look At The Right Side Of
The Photo The LSO Is Just Visible)


"BHR And Escorts Get Fuel"

Pictures provided by shipmate Paul Crager, 1966-69
Thanks Paul

Photos Of BHR And Her Aircraft

BHR Entering Pearl Harbor

BHR Ships Bell

BHR Entering The Pt Loma Channel

BHR Bear-Cap

A-4's In Hanger Bay

VA-76 A-4

BHR Catches A Bow Wave

Mr Bear Visits BHR

BHR A-4's At Work

Another View Of VA-215 A-1H On Cat

VA-215 A-1H On Cat

VA-215 A-1H Clears The Bow

A-1 Taxis Out Of The Gear

BarnOwl Crosses The Fantail

A-4 On Cat.

A-4 Coming Aboard

A Break During Ops.

VFP-63 Photo Bird Launches

VFP-63 Photo Bird Bolters

KA-3B Off The Bow

EKA-3B About To Launch

F-8 Clears The Gear
(Yet Another Fine Example Of Hook Running)

USS Forrestal Afire In The Gulf, 1967

Photos From The OP Div 1970
Provided By Steve King

OP Div 1970
Left To Right:
Charles Winther PH-3, John Miller PH-3, W/O Mc Allister, Steve King PH-3
In The Ops Admin Office On The 02 Level

Becoming a Shellback 1970
Royal Domaine of Neptune Rex

Video Taping Flight OPS
Steve 1970 on the Plat Camera 07 level

The Last Voyage
The BHR going to Bremerton for Decommissioning

Hong Kong Junks
The Fishing Fleet of Hong Kong

Whale Standing By

Captain Helmer and Distroyer in Rough Seas

Selling Cigarettes in Olongopo

Rain in Olongopo

Crossing the Bridge into Olongopo

A tribute to the sailors of the Bon Homme Richard

(Steve King Has Been Most Gracious With His Contributions To The Page.)

Photos Of BHR Taken From USS Niagara Falls
Provided By Dr. W. P. Jones
Who Was The Medical Officer Aboard AFS-3
At The Time.

BHR Makes Her Approach To USS Niagara Falls

BHR Alongside Niagara Falls

BHR Departs Unrep With Niagara Falls

U.S. Navy Photos

F-8 Crusaders from VF-24 over BHR

Bonnie Dick Steaming In The Gulf

Crusader Over BHR

The Sign On The Island Says It All

Flight Deck 1965

Flight Deck 1965 Two

Flight Deck 1965 Three

Standby to recover The Angel On The Bow

Angel Heading For Star D

These Photos Have Been Graciously Provided By Jim (The Prof) Morey.
Thank You For Some Really Outstanding Shots Of the Ship,
And Her Weapons, The Air Wing Aircraft

Jim Morey PH2, Photographing Flight Ops

A-4 On Approach, As Seen From The LSO Platform

VF-191 F-8C Goes Around

A-3 Whale In The Barricade

The Fudd And The Guppy

Turning Into The Wind

BHR Steaming In The Pacific

Now Launch The Duty Dodge!!!

Two Yardworkers Examine One Of The BHR'S Screws

VF-211 F-8 Leaves Marshall

VAH-4 A-3B Traps Aboard BHR

Photos Courtesy Of The Tailhook Association

VAW-13 EKA3B On Port Cat

VF-53 Officers 1969 Cruise

Four VF-53 CO's Aboard BHR
From Left To Right
CDR. Robair Mohrhardt,BHR's XO
CDR. Bill Gureck, CAG-19
CDR. Harry Blake, CCD-7's Air Ops Off.
CDR. Bob Weedon, C.O. VF-53

Angel In Flight

Now Launch The Fudd

BHR Leaves San Diego For The Last Time.

Photos From Former VF-191 Squadron Member
Cliff Carrington
Who Now Resides In Australia

(Correction Of Pilot's Name
Provided By Charles Foerster
Who Was A Spad Driver In VA-196
And Witnessed The Incident)

Another Correction To The F-8 Photos, This One From Jim Andrews, Former HUP-2 Driver With HU-1
First The Photo of The Pilot In The Cockpit Isn't Lt Don Jordon So I've Removed the Photo,
Second The Helo Was The Wrong Type For The 1962 Cruise.
It Should Be A HUP-2, Not A UH-2A.
And The Helo Drivers Name Was(Isn't This Amazin.)Lt.jg Jim Andrews Not Lt. Frank Joy.
Thanks For The Heads-Up Jim.

Beginning Of Sequence Of Photos Of Loss Of A/C 106
F-8C S/N 106 Approaches BHR

Aircraft About To Enter The Barricade

Aircraft Goes Through The Barricade
Note Port Main Is Gone, P/C Carrington In Foreground Snapping Photos

106 Heads Over The Side

Some Photos Of BHR's Aircraft Sent By Jim Bishop
Thanks, Jim

BHR Comes Into The Wind

F-8 On Port Cat, About To Launch

F-8 Leaving The Deck

F-8 Traps Aboard

Jim Bishop And Shipmate Gary Danyo
Standing Near The Bow Of BHR
On The Day Jim Was Leaving
For Shore Duty At Binh Thuy,Rep Of Viet-Nam

BHR's Flight Deck Looking Aft

BHR Looking Aft From The Island

BHR's Flight Deck Looking Forward

Photos Courtesy Of Ed Woodrich, Thanks Ed.

Photo Taken In The Futabwa Bar Yokosuka, Japan
Standing Left To Right: Ed Woodrich, Buck Fraizer and Eden
Front Row Speights, Hostess And Graham

BHR In Yokosuka, 1961

Stern Of BHR, NAS Cubi Pt Carrier Pier, 1961

BHR Comes Alongside Platte To Begin An UnRep

USS Eversole Make Her Approach To The Platte

BHR Alongside The USS Platte, 1961

Another Shot Of Platte During UnRep

Another View Of The Platte

VAH-4, A-3D Awaits The Next At Sea Period

Two Of BHR's Escorts Anchored Off Iwakuni During An Inport Stay.

USS Hooper And Another BHR Escort Moored At Yokosuka

BHR's Flight Deck From the Port Bow Looking Aft, 1961 Hong Kong

Hong Kong From BHR's Flight Deck, 1961
"Note The Destroyers Just Behind The A-4s"


BHR As She Appeared Reunion, Moored At Bremerton, WA.

Photos Courtesy Of Gary R. And George Cox
We Finally Get A Look At IC-2 Cox

George, Trys Out The Captains Chair.

BHR's Bridge As It Appeared In 1992, Looking Forward

Bridge Looking Aft

BHR'S Engine Room 1992(There's George Again)

BHR"S Flight Deck 1992

Photos Courtesy Of VA-22 Pilot Bryan Remer And The U.S.Navy

The VA-22 Pilots, 1969 Edition

The CAG Bird

VA-22 A-4F Launches From BHR'S Port Cat

Flight Of VA-22 A-4F's Over BHR

VA-22 A-4F Tanks Air Wing Aircraft

VA-22 A-4's Get An Escort

Photos From The 1962-63 Cruise
Thanks To Neal Gieske

Bonnie Dick Circa 1962-63

A Flight Of VF-193 F-3H-2 Demons Over Japan
( Really, It's Just Under The Clouds )

VF-193 Demon

VF-193 Demon On Approach

Fudd With Demons

Demons Over BHR

Demon Over Mt. Fuji

A Photo From Steve Davis Who Was A Member Of VF-194
Visit His Site Through The Link On The Links Page.

VF-194 F-8E On BHR

Photos Courtesy of The A-3 Association

VAH-4 A-3 About To Launch Off The Starbd Cat On BHR

VAH-4 A-3 Leaves The Starbd Cat On BHR

VAH-4 A-3 Over Nha Trang, RVN

VAH-4 A-3B About To Trap On BHR

These Photos Below Were Contributed By
Rudy Sandoval One Of My Shipmates From V-2 Arresting Gear
Thanks For The Photos, Rudy.

Shellbacks Awaiting Neptune

Shellbacks Guard Wogs

Lowly Wogs Await Their Fate

King Neptune Holds Court

Visiting The Royal Barber

F-8 On Approach

VRC 50 COD Touches Down On BHR

These Photos Below Were Contributed By
Paul Rhodes One Of VA-196's AO's.
Thanks For The Photos, Paul.

(Please Be Sure To Scroll Down On Each Of The Pages Below,
Some Of The Photos Have Information At The Bottom Of Them.)

Paul Rhodes One

Paul Rhodes Two

Paul Rhodes Three

Paul Rhodes Four

Paul Rhodes Eive

Paul Rhodes Six

Paul Rhodes Seven

Paul Rhodes Eight

Paul Rhodes Nine

Paul Rhodes Ten

Paul Rhodes Eleven

Paul Rhodes Twelve

Paul Rhodes Thirteen

VA-196 Pilots Man-Up

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